Being Vulnerable for a Minute

Everyone thinks Kansas is flat. In some parts of the state that stereotype holds true, but in Johnson County it is far from level. Last night I was running hills (not on purpose, I literally can’t get away from them without driving somewhere else to run) and I was thinking about how the last couple weeks have had their own share of ups and downs. This move is something I’ve been working towards for the last six months and now that I’m here it feels exciting and unreal and you know…hard. I haven’t regretted my decision for a second but I’ve definitely questioned it during the moments when I miss my friends, my family, and a sense of familiarity with my surroundings.  As I huffed and puffed up the third hill my vision was laser focused on the top because I knew if I looked down or thought about how hard each stride was I wouldn’t make it to the top. I think that’s synonymous to where I am right now in life, I set out to climb some hills and this is the uncomfortable part, the painful part where it would be easier to give up than keep going. But I’m glad I’m here, and I’m happy I have the opportunity to grow through this change and hopefully come out stronger on the other side. I know I’m going to get where I want to go, I just have to make it up a couple more hills first.


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