5 Ways My Eating Habits Have Changed – for the Better

This last year I made a conscious effort to improve my eating habits and I am so much happier, healthier, informed, and at ease about the food I am putting in my body. Dare I say I’ve developed a passion for healthy cooking?! More on that later, for now I want to highlight some of the major changes that have had such a positive impact on my mind/body the last year.

1. Dairy

…or lack thereof. I did a six week vegan challenge this year and I took a lot away from the experience, but the biggest piece was how my body reacted to not consuming dairy products. My skin was noticeably clearer, my nose wasn’t stuffy in the morning, and I just felt better. When I tried adding dairy back into my diet after the six weeks, my body did not like it, at all. I didn’t have this issue with meat or seafood so I assumed it was my body’s way of telling me I’m better off without it.

2. Simple Carbohydrates

I dramatically reduced the amount of simple carbohydrates I ate and it had such a positive effect on my energy levels. I used to crash after lunch but after removing simple carbs from my lunches I noticed a huge difference in my energy throughout the day. I still have pasta and bread occasionally but it’s not a daily standard anymore. Another thing I’ve learned from this is that I can use simple carbohydrates to my advantage. For example, if I’m going to the gym for an intense lifting session I eat simple carbs beforehand to give me a quick burst of energy that I can burn off during my workout.

3. Water

I’ve realized now that I was definitely not drinking enough water, so I’ve installed on app on my phone to help me keep track. It’s called Waterlogged, and I can’t recommend it highly enough! I’m a visual person so having a graphic that shows how much water I’ve consumed throughout the day is the perfect way for me to stay on track. Again, I notice a big difference in my skin, energy, and attitude when I’m drinking enough water.

4. Eat Breakfast

This is as simple as it sounds, I stopped skipping breakfast.

5. Snacks

My snacks have changed dramatically. Beforehand I would grab fruit snacks, chips, or chocolate as a snack. Now, I eat mostly nuts during the day as a snack. (and occasionally steel Cheez-its from my co workers) Cashews are my absolute fave! When I want something sweet I grab craisins or a home made energy ball.


I hope you enjoyed this quick list and that it inspires you to make some small changes that deliver big results. Don’t be afraid to start small 🙂



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