DIY: Floor Desk

I’ve been on a mission to perfect my living space for quite awhile, and I am almost there! One of the final steps was creating a workspace where I can write, work on craft projects, create lists (my favorite) and generally be productive. However, the space I envisioned for myself was pretty specific as I feel most creative when I am sitting on the floor (is that weird? does anyone else do that??) so I wanted a desk that I could comfortably work at while on the floor. I did some quick research online and the cheapest option I found was $80. I thought, balderdash! I can make it myself! And so I did!

Before I jump into the details I have to give a huge shout out to my co worker Dylan, because I probably couldn’t have done this without his help. Dylan –  you the real MVP!

Step One: Find your raw material (and don’t get murdered)

This step was surprisingly easy, I thought I would have to scour flea markets and thrift stores before finding the perfect table, but with a few swift clicks I found one on craigslist! Luckily enough, it was just a few minutes from my workplace so during lunch I dragged my friend Katie with me to check it out. Guys, this place looked sketchy as hell. It was basically a large white storage unit with a piece of paper on the door with the name of the “company.” I put company in quotations because I highly suspect the actual purpose of the company was money laundering. Long story short, I got my table for ten bucks and made it out alive! Here is a picture of the original table.

Original Desk

Step Two: Chop the legs off

Dylan and I measured out exactly how many inches we had to take off of the legs for it to be the right height for me to sit at while on the floor. Ultimately we ended up taking off 6 inches. Dylan was nice enough to take it back to his workshop and saw the legs off to the appropriate height.

Step Three: Sand that sucker

While in his workshop he also sanded off the majority of the varnish to make it easier to paint. This picture is after the legs were cut and the table was sanded.

After sanding

Step Four: paint

I bought a small container of flat white paint and a small 4-inch roller from the hardware store and went to town! I took advantage of the nice weather on Saturday and laid down newspaper on my balcony so I could paint outside. I painted two coats and let it dry for about an hour between coats. If there’s another nice sunny day I might go back and fix up some lighter spots but for now it looks pretty great. This is my intense painting face, I was feeling very motivated while listening to the Hamilton soundtrack.



Step Five: accessorize!

I made it pretty by adding a mirrored pencil holder for my colored pens (it also swivels!!!) and a shiny gray mat for my laptop. Had to put my drink in there because if you don’t photograph your coffee did you even buy it?



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