22: A Year in Review

You have no idea how happy I am that this title rhymed. Seriously.  Rhymes and puns are too  much fun! Okay, that didn’t work. Don’t force it.

Quick side note: one time I saw an ad on one of those diner place mat things that said “If you’re looking for the best realtor in town, you can call me on my Sell-phone!” I swore right then and there that I was going to marry that woman. She hasn’t returned any of my calls.

In all seriousness, 22 was quite an eventful year! Get ready for a long winded post full of nostalgia, memories, and a dash of regret. Kidding, I regret nothing.

My 22nd birthday found me midway through my last semester of college. Which leads me to the first major event of my 22nd year – I GRADUATED COLLEGE.

 That’s right world, you’re looking at a girl with a full on BBA in Economics. I can’t think of a sexier major and I am so glad I got to spend 4 (and a half) years studying something I love.

Shortly after graduating from college I LANDED A REAL JOB. If you told me a year ago I would be working for a construction company and loving it, I would have spit in your eye! (not really, I’m joking) I feel so lucky to have gotten a job right out of college but to get a job that I really enjoy?? Now, that’s incredible. Not to mention I met these two girls who quickly became my besties. The only thing hotter than us is our work ethic #crushingit

So after I landed a real job I spent four months (during winter!!!) commuting an hour to work one-way while on the hunt for the perfect apartment. Luckily, after an extensive search I found the one! Nestled between an assisted living home (fantastic bingo nights) and a super rich suburban neighborhood was a small apartment complex with a few gorgeous buildings and an open 3-bedroom for rent! 6 minute drive to work, 10 minutes to Target, 12 minutes to the gym, and far enough from the city that I can still hear the crickets at night! That’s the story of how I found my FIRST NON-SHITTY APARTMENT.  

A few months after moving into my apartment, buying a mattress, and a ridiculous amount of hangers I BOUGHT A CAR!! What a change from driving a tin can for the last year!! After much anxiety  and agonizing I decided on a white, 2015 VW Passat. Since he’s German, I named him Niklaus but call him Niko for short. He has been a faithful companion! He even made it from St. Joseph, Missouri to Janesville, Wisconsin on one tank of gas! Now, that’s good gas mileage.

FullSizeRender 7These were just a few of the big moments that occurred when I was 22, there are many many more but I didn’t want you to completely fall asleep reading this.

Now, I realize that this post basically looks like all I did was buy stuff when I was 22. But let me tell you, I learned a hell of a lot about what it means not only to be “an adult” but what it means to be a good person. I think the best part about being 22 was that I got to spend so much time around adults that I aspire to be like. Whether that’s my older sister Katie, the incredible people I work with, or the Priest on my flag football team I think the best part about my 22nd year was the people. I got to watch friends get married, finish their Masters degree, have their first (or second!) child and so much more! I’m so happy to be able to be surrounded by people that made this last year of my life so wonderful. So here’s to 23 – and having friends that make me pee! From laughter….tried to make that last part rhyme…shoot.

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